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If you are a new customer to the kennels and cattery, or you have any worries or concerns about leaving your pet, please feel free to talk to the staff at Animal Paradise. Many people like to book a trial day so they feel confident about leaving their pet before they go away. This is recommended for young animals especially. Please let us know if your dog or cat is new to kennel or cattery boarding and we can keep a close eye on them. Puppies and kittens are welcome to board after they have received their first course of vaccinations.

Visit our kennel price list page or give us a call for more information.
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Our cattery boarding

Animal Paradise have a beautiful, light and airy cattery that is situated well away from the kennels. The pens are set on two levels with a litter tray and scratch post on the floor and a ladder leading to a shelved area with a heated igloo bed with food and water. Veterinary fleece is used to line the beds but you are always welcome to bring in your own bedding or basket if you wish.

Our dog kennels

Our kennels are all individually heated with plastic beds and veterinary fleece bedding. However guests are also very welcome to bring their own special bed from home. We have four different sizes of kennel to cater for all dog breeds or more than one pet. Away from the main kennel block we also have a different style of kennel which provides a quieter environment for holidays for our very young or older guests, or indeed anybody who prefers them.

Outside exercise runs are a great source of fun for playtime so please feel free to bring in some toys from home. Dogs are exercised three times a day and walks are provided individually in our lovely countryside setting.
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